böhler welding by voestalpine

Thermanit 19/15 H

Stick electrode, high-alloyed, basic

Thermanit 19/15 H


EN ISO 3581-A E 20 16 3 Mn N L B 2 2
AWS A5.4 E316LMn-15
Mat. No. 1.4455





Stainless; resistant to intercrystalline corrosion and wet corrosion up to 350 °C (662 °F). Corrosion resistant similar to low carbon CrNiMo(Mn,N) steels/cast steel grades. Seawater resistant, good resistance to nitric acid. Huey test in acc. ASTM A 262-64: 3.3 μ / 48 h max. (0.54 g/m2h), selective attack 200 μm max. Non magnetic (permeability in field of 8000 A/m 1.01 max.).Particularly suited to corrosion conditions in urea synthesis plants for welding work on steel X 2
CrNiMo 1812 and the overlay side of Thermanit 21/17 E weld claddings. Well suited for joining and
surfacing applications with matching austenitic CrNi(N) and CrNiMo(Mn,N) steels/cast steel grades.


ø (mm) Length (mm)
2.5 300
3.2 350
4.0 350

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