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Thermanit 617

Stick electrode, high-alloyed, basic

Thermanit 617


EN ISO 14172 E Ni 6117 (NiCr22Co12Mo)
AWS A5.11 ENiCrCoMo-1 (mod.)
Mat. No. 2.4628





Thermanit 617 is suitable for joining high-temperature and similar nickel-base alloys, heat resistant austenitic and cast alloys. The weld metal is resistant to hot-cracking and is used for service temperatures up to 1100° C. Scale-resistance up to 1100° C in oxidizing and carburized atmospheres, e. g. gasturbines, ethylene production plants. Thermanit 617 can be welded in all positions except vertical-down. It has a stable arc. The seam is finely rippled and notch-free. Easy slag removal. Preheating temperature should be adjusted to the base material. Post weld heat treatments can be applied independently of the weld metal.


ø (mm) Length (mm)
2.5 250
3.2 300
4.0 350

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