böhler welding by voestalpine

Thermanit C Si

TIG rods, high-alloyed

Thermanit C Si


EN ISO 14343-A W 25 20 Mn
AWS A5.9 ER310(mod.)
Mat. No. 1.4842


no approvals



For tough joints with heat resistant Cr and CrNi steels / cast steel grades. For surfacing and joining on matching / similar heat resistant steels / cast steel grades. For tough fill layers beneath final weld passes made with Thermanit L when welding thicker cross-sections of Cr-steels / cast steel grades to permit use of such steels in sulphureous atmospheres.


ø (mm) Length (mm)
1.6 1000
2.0 1000
2.4 1000
3.2 1000
4.0 1000

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